European Championship Endurance 2012 at Mont le Soie: hotel rooms in a boutique hotel

Hotel rooms near Mont le Soie (Vielsalm, Belgium) for the European Championship Endurance 2012 for juniors and young riders: Boutique hotel Vielsalm L’Auberge du Notaire in Vielsalm. The European Centre of the Horse, was chosen by the FEI as the place for the championship European Endurance for juniors and young riders. The event, organized by the European Centre of the Horse, will be held Saturday 8 September next. On Sunday you’ve got to be there for the world race for the veterans. Both races will be held on the usual route of 120 kms. Last test 28 and April 29 during the Belgian championships. All the details on this link.

See formulas and packages from L’Auberge du Notaire.

Boutique hotel near Mont-le-Soie – Vielsalm: L’Auberge du Notaire

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